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Trend Micro: Virus scan

To make sure that your computer is free of any kind of malware like viruses, trojans or worms, you should run a thorough virus scan from time to time. Trend Micro offers you a free virus scan – simply download the software Trend Micro HouseCall online and find any sort of unwanted programs or software on your computer. The virus scanner Trend Micro HouseCall performs a two-step process. First of all, it runs a free online virus scan. During this process, the virus scan software checks for any security threats on your computer. In other words,Trend Micro HouseCall checks whether your computer has been infected by any type of malware. The anti virus scan will not only find possible viruses on your computer, but also spyware, adware or worms. In a second step, HouseCall performs additional security checks. This way, Trend Micro HouseCall makes sure to fix vulnerabilities and prevent reinfections. It is this two-step process that makes the HouseCall scanner such an efficient antivirus tool. Whereas other antivirus scanner will only find existing malware on your computer, this Trend Micro virus scan goes a step further and protects your computer also against later threats. This thorough Trend Micro virus scan can be downloaded for free online with just a few mouse clicks. Antivirus protection has never been as easy as with Trend Micro HouseCall. Get it now, perform the virus scan and make sure that your computer is free of any kind of malware!

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