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Trend Micro: Spyware software

Spyware software is computer software that can secretly monitor the user’s behavior and collect sensitive data. Free spyware removal software such as Trend Micro Transaction Guard makes sure that you are protected against any kind of spyware software. That way you don’t have to worry about giving out personal information online. Spyware software does not only secretly monitor your online behavior. It can also install additional software on your computer, change general computer settings and thus result in slow connection speeds and loss of functionality. Just the more reason to take a close look at effective anti spyware software! Trend Micro Transaction Guard has two main components to make sure that spyware software cannot enter your computer system. First of all, it includes a Spyware Monitor, that monitors for spyware adware software and notifies you instantly of any type of intrusion. Secondly, Trend Micro Transaction Guard comes with a Password ClipBoard. This way you can disclose sensitive data such as passwords online without having to worry about spyware software. The Password ClipBoard is an on-screen keyboard that cannot be monitored by spyware software. You can download this free anti spyware software online with just a few clicks – spyware software protection has never been that easy! Get Trend Micro Transaction Guard now and protect your computer and personal information against any kind of spyware adware software. A personal firewall and an efficient anti spyware software are the key to a safe Internet experience!

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