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Trend Micro: Online scan

A thorough virus online scan can check your computer for any kind of unwanted programs or software. Trend Micro HouseCall is an effective online scanner that will not only find viruses, but also other types of malware, such as worms, trojans or adware on your computer. A Micro online scan is a necessary virus protection for everybody who wants to safely enjoy the Web. Trend Micro HouseCall is a secure online scan. In combination with a personal firewall, this free online virus scan can protect your computer. HouseCall will not only perform an online scan for viruses, trojans and worms. It will also make sure to fix any vulnerabilites of your system and prevent reinfections with the same type of malware. That is why this Trend Micro free online scan is so effective. The best part is that you can download Trend Micro HouseCall with just a few clicks and already you can scan for viruses online! Whatever operating system you might be using, whether Microsoft Windows 2000, Linux or Solaris 2.6, HouseCall is an online scanner that holds what it promises. You can now download the latest version, HouseCall 6.6 online! With this efficient virus online scan, it is so easy to protect yourself against any type of malware such as viruses or trojans. Get Trend Micro HouseCall and run a comprehensive online scan of your computer now!

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