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Trend Micro: Worms

The term computer worm is used to refer to a self-replicating computer program. A worm can be especially harmful since it possesses the ability to use a network to spread functional copies of itself. This is also what fundamentally differentiates worms from viruses. A virus always needs an existing program that it can get attached to. Trend Micro offers you efficient worm removal tools that guarantee your computer protection. Whether you need general protection against PC worms or specific protection against Vista worms, Trend Micro will have the right solution for you. The first step in any kind of efficient computer protection is a functional computer firewall. Furthermore, you can download Trend Micro worm removal tools for free online! For example Trend Micro HouseCall Free Scan is a potent protection against computer worms. It is an application for checking whether your computer has been infected by any sort of computer worm. There are many different types of worms. Among the most common ones are bot worms, trojan worms and network worms. Trend Micro HijackThis will help you against all these types of computer worms. It quickly scans your computer for any unwanted program. In the result of the scan, the log file, you will see whether your computer has been infected by any sort of worm. Thus an efficient computer firewall combined with Trend Micro anti worms programs such as Trend Micro HouseCall FreeScan and Trend Micro HijackThis will protect your computer against worm threats. Get potent anti worm software from Trend Micro now and make sure your computer system is ready to fight any sort of worm threat and to hinder worms from replicating themselves.

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