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Trend Micro: Protection against spyware and other online threats

Trend Micro: Spyware

Spyware can constitute a serious threat to the privacy of the internet user. Spyware programs for example profile users’ Internet behavior and thus gain sensitive information. This makes an effective spyware protection software such as Trend Micro Transaction Guard a must for every internet user. Spyware is often installed on computers together with adware. This makes a targeted display of adware programs, corresponding to the user’s profile, possible. However, antispyware software has another very crucial function: it makes sure that you can perform sensitive online tasks such as internet banking without having to worry. Anti spyware software Trend Micro Transaction Guard consists of two components: First of all, it includes a Spyware Monitor that protects you against any intrusions. Second, it contains a Password ClipBoard, so that you can securely enter user names and passwords. As you can see, effective spyware removal software is absolutely indispensable for performing sensitive online tasks. Thus you should not only download a spyware firewall but effective and free anti spyware programs as well, such as Trend Micro Transaction Guard or Trend Micro HijackThis. Trend Micro HijackThis is a free utility that scans your computer to find any settings that may have been changed by intrusive spyware. Trend Micro spyware detectors make sure that no one can intrude your privacy when surfing the Web. Trend Micro offers you a wide range of anti spyware downloads. If you want to be protected against software that hides in your personal computer and that secretly monitors your online activity, that collects Web browsing histories, in one word – spyware – then you should download effective Trend Micro spyware removers now!

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