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Trend Micro Internet Security Info on phishing and other threats

Trend Micro: Phishing

Phishing is a serious form of identity theft and a criminally fraudulent process. Thus it is indispensable to get phishing security with the help of Trend Micro anti phishing software. The term phishing describes the process of trying to acquire sensitive information such as passwords, bank account numbers or credit card numbers. Mostly, internet users are tricked into revealing this information by appearing as a trustworthy and legitimate business in an electronic communication. Typically, a phishing email asks the recipient to click on a phishing link to for example update their profile in a social web site such as Facebook. Then the internet user, assuming an offical email, surrenders sensitive information such as the password to his account. Trend Micro offers you a wide range of phishing protection software. A phishing filter will for example make sure that you only receive non phishing email. It will do so by running a thorough phishing check on any incoming mail. You can download free antiphishing sofware such as Trend Micro TrendProtect. TrendProtect is a comprehensive phishing protection. This Trend Micro phishing kit helps you to avoid Web pages with unwanted content and hidden threats. TrendProtect refers to an extensive database to receive information concerning content category, phishing scam detection, site reputation, and page reputation for billions of Web pages. This way you can run a complete phishing check before disclosing sensitive information. A phising alert will keep you away from possibly dangerous Web sites. Get antiphishing security now with TrendProtect, an efficient Trend Micro phishing filter! This way you are secured against any phishing threats and don`t have to worry about disclosing sensitive data online.

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