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Trend Micro: Protection against adware and other online threats

Trend Micro: Adware

The term adware describes any kind of software that automatically plays, displays or even downloads advertising banners on Web browsers. Trend Micro can help you protect your computer against adware with effective adware removal software. If you want to say goodbye to annoying popup ads, get anti adware software like Trend Micro AntiVirus plus AntiSpyware now. Though adware is, strictly speaking, not considered as malware – it can disturb your online work flow significantly. Not only through popup ads, but also by causing a degradation in network connection or system performance. What furthermore makes adware removal indispensable are its frequent ties to spyware. Adware and spyware are often installed together on your computer. Thus, since some types of adware are also spyware, adware can be classified as privacy-invasive software. Just the more reason to protect your computer against adware software. Efficient adware removal can for example be achieved through a two-step process. First, activate your personal firewall to prevent the poping up of annoying ads. Second, download first-class adware removal software, such as Trend Micro Transaction Guard or Trend Micro HijackThis. This way, you will be able to enjoy an adware-free internet surfing experience. You can download anti adware software such as Trend Micro Transaction Guard for free online. Whether you want to remove adware Vista, adware Internet Explorer or adware Mozilla Firefox, Trend Micro will have the right solution for you.

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