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Trend Micro Internet Security: Protection against viruses, spam and many more

Trend Micro: Internet Security Info

Internet security is one of the major issues in today’s digital world. As new security threats are emerging daily, comprehensive Trend Micro computer protection software has become a must for every Internet user. The most common threats to Internet security include viruses, spam mail, adware, spyware and worms. A virus can delete important files on your PC, change different computer settings and install new, unwanted programs. That is why an efficient Trend Micro antivirus software is so important. With most private and business communication happening via email, spam mail has become one of the most serious threats to Internet security. Not only that spam mail is annoying and costs precious time, it can also have more serious consequences such as the downloading of a virus. Spam mail also tends to arrive in your inbox linked to seemingly harmless adware. However, adware is often closely associated with spyware. Spyware constitutes a serious threat to your online privacy and can lead to the loss of sensitive information such as your social security number and bank account numbers. The process of trying to acquire sensitive information online is called phishing. Other threats to Internet security include worms and trojans. If you want to make sure that your computer is properly protected, then you should take a look at the great Trend Micro offers. You can for example download Trend Micro HouseCall, an online virus scanner, for free! Don’t hesitate any longer and get comprehensive Trend Micro Internet security now. Trend Micro Internet security will not only protect your computer in the present but also prepare it for future threats.

Internet Security Info Topics

  • Antivirus

    Trend Micro antivirus & internet security solutions – to give your PC & network reliable protection even against future internet threats.
  • Spam

    Get comprehensive information about spam mail and other internet threats – along with effective Trend Micro Internet Security solutions!
  • Adware

    Do you believe that adware is harmless? Thanks to the helpful Trend Micro Internet Security glossary you will soon know about possible dangers.
  • Spyware

    Afraid of spyware? Internet security info by Trend Micro gives you a clear explanation of how to best protect against spyware & adware.
  • Malware

    Your computer was infected by trojans and other malware? Trend Micro security info will let you know how to best protect your PC & network.
  • Worms

    If computer worms are threatening your PC & network – get comprehensive Trend Micro Internet security info and effective antiworm solutions!
  • Trojan

    Trojan horse, you can’t pass this door! Internet security solutions by Trend Micro detect trojans before they can infect your PC & network.
  • Phishing

    Worried about phishing attacks? Powerful spyware scanner and other internet security tools protect your PC & network against data spying!